Wooden Venetian Blinds

Wooden Venetian Blinds are stylish and timeless and add warmth and natural beauty to any room from the traditional to the contemporary. Available in a wide palette of colours and finishes, the blinds are made from real bass wood sourced from sustainable forests in the middle east.

Taylor supplies each blind with a matching wooden pelmet. We also offer  various colours to personalise your window blind. Wooden Venetian Blinds allow you to regulate the glare of bright sunlight and adjust the required level of privacy with ease.

Suitable for any type and style of window including bays, Wooden Venetian Blinds can make an individual statement on any window and are the perfect accompaniment to wood flooring and wooden furniture. They are also well suited to home office environments where you may need to shield your computer screen from bright sunlight.

What set’s our blinds apart from the competition is the thicker anti-fray cords, bigger cord lock, steel head rail, acorn tassels and larger tilter.


Basswood Standard Range, Styro-Wood Range, Deluxe Range

Standard Colour Palette Colour: 

Kona, Mahogany, Walnut, Cherry, Teak, Redwood, Natural, Limewash, Bianco, White and Pure White


Available in a 50mm slat width

Min-Max blind width: 600mm – 2430mm

Min-Max blind height: 650mm – 2600mm


2 years


Child Safe cord breaks if pulled too hard.

Mechanism & Controls:

Cords, tapes as well as head and bottom rails are colour coordinated.


Wooden Venetian blinds have a smaller, short stacking height.

The deluxe range Wooden Venetian blind has a steel head rail, acorn tassels, thicker cords, a bigger tilter and a large cord lock for its thicker cords.

The components are carefully selected and our wood has a special UV protective coating.