Thermowood PVC Shutters

Thermowood Shutters is a stylish and practical wood substitute shutter made from extruded PVC. It has the elegant and stylish look of real wooden shutters, but without all the negative drawbacks that comes with that. Unlike traditional wooden shutters, Thermowood shutters is designed to not warp, fade, rot or crack and no maintenance on the panels themselves are needed!

Thermowood Shutterd offers a wide variety of uses from Windows coverings, sliding door coverings and even makes great room dividers!

The panels can be ordered in a variety of stylish colours to fit in with your décor such as Satin White, Magnolia, Lime Wash, Alu White, Holland and Smoke.

Thermowood shutters comes with a 3 years warranty.

Material:  Extruded PVC


The Thermowood® Shutters Collection is available as

  • Bi-Fold
  • Standard Frame
  • Decorative Frame.

These shutters can pivot left or right depending on your space and come with a centre located tilt rod (middle of the louvres running vertical) or Clearview (no tilt rod) options.

Standard Colour Palette:

  • Satin White
  • Magnolia
  • Lime Wash
  • Alu White
  • Holland
  • Smoke.

Unfortunately no custom colours available.


  • Max-Min panel width: 600-300mm
  • Max-Min panel height: 2900-650mm


  • 3 Year Warranty
  • Control of light noise and temperature
  • Impervious to moisture
  • Will not crack, split or warp
  • Rust proof
  • Easy to clean

Light Control:

Depending on the louvre position that you choose during the day. Louvres can open to provide a clear view or be at various angles to deflect light and reflection.

Privacy Control:

  • 85% – 100% depending on angle of the louvre


  • 3 years


Thermowood® is not a security shutter system.

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