Vertical Blinds

Ideal for most rooms because of their clean lines and minimal detail, Vertical Blinds provide a versatile way of filtering sunshine into your rooms and surroundings. When tilted they allow just the right amount of light creating stunning effects. When closed they provide excellent privacy and protect furniture and carpets from direct sunrays.

We know Vertical Blinds balance style with practically, suiting large patio windows and conservatories to conventional windows. The panels can open and stack to the left or right or can be split equally from the centre.

A full palette of fabric styles, finishes and colours are available along with a large range of materials from sheer-weaves to PVC.

Vertical Blinds are ideal for commercial and computerised environments.


Berlin, Economy, Plain, Jenna, Corduroy, Athena, Bijou, Mischca, Vogue, Wes, Mexico, C-Screen PVC Opaque


Blind vane widths: 90mm or 127mm size vanes

Min-Max finished blind window or door width: 560mm – 5520mm

Min-Max finished blind window or door height: 920mm – 3320mm

Light Control:

Yes. Depending on choice of fabric will determine the % of light that is allowed in.

Privacy Control:

Yes. When vanes and blinds and are drawn closed.


2 years